Escape Plans Training for busy, experienced web developers.


Don't jump into the Angular deep end without a life jacket.

The angular learning curve is vicious. It's easy to waste days or even weeks trying to make sense of the docs.

Trying to understand Angular is one of the most frustrating experiences I've had as a developer. Nothing is explained correctly, examples are lacking and the documentation is abysmal. I'm banging my head on the keyboard every other minute and feel left out, but doggonnit, it's going to work! — Some poor, anonymous commenter

The docs are a mirage of hope on the horizon.

Sure, they're comprehensive, but about as fun to read as Ikea instructions and with less cutesy pictures.

Random tutorials are rarely worth your time, of dubious quality and don't create an accurate mental model of Angular.

You're a busy web developer.

You don't have time to mess around. You need to get up to speed on Angular right now.

Imagine yourself sitting down one Saturday morning and then waking up Sunday morning with a working Angular project pushed to Github.

What if your Angular training course skipped the hand holding and ...

jumped right to the stuff that matters ...

respected your time ...

... and then systematically revealed Angular's magic?

The Angular Escape Plan is for busy, experienced web developers.

These videos are just fantastic. I'm getting that extra layer of detail that my curious mind needs to be satisfied there there is no voodoo going on.

What's covered in the training?

And all of this is based on creating a real project that you can ship at the end of the course.

Try it out first.

Not sure if the class is for you? Let me get you started with a couple lessons for free.

The Starter Package


  • Over 5 hours of course videos spread across 5 lessons.
  • All of the source code
  • Free updates to course material as Angular changes.
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"I've never seen a class or tutorial that goes that in-depth on how the scope and dependency injection is going on behind-the-scenes, then explains clearly how to manually sync with the DOM."

The Complete Package


  • Over 5 hours of course videos spread across 5 lessons.
  • 2+ hours of extra course videos covering testing and animations.
  • All of the source code
  • Free updates to course material as Angular changes.
  • $50 off a year subscription to Egghead.
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"I love the style of explaining the concepts and then coding them to remove that sense that the inner workings are just too complicated for mere mortals."

Team License


Buy a copy for your entire team.

(This license will cover up to 10 team members. Have a bigger team than that? Email and we can work something out.)

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Do you offer refunds?

If you aren't happy with the material for any reason just shoot me an email and I will instantly refund your money.

Are there prerequisites the course?

You need to know Javascript. If you're comfortable with looking at plain Javascript code, understand closures and prototypal inheritance, then you will be fine. If you're mostly a Jquery person and copy/paste Javascript, this may move too quickly for you.

(Due to popular demand, I'm contemplating a Javascript "bridge" course to make this course more accessible. Just get on my mailing list and I'll let you know when it ships.)

Can I choose my own project?

Of course! But with caveats.

Say for example you really, really want to build your own mortgage calculator, (or whatever). You can totally make this happen.

Lessons are structured to teach a concept and then followed up with exercises. The exercises assume you are following along with the built in project, but with a little thought you can apply the exercises to your own project instead.

The problem with this is most side projects fail, and they usually fail because they are too ambitious. Escape Plans are structured around projects that are very carefully scoped to make sure you finish.

What format are the lessons in?

Lessons are a combination of screencasts and "interactive videos", a format I created and use to teach Flexbox. Sign up for the free lessons above, and you'll get to see what it looks like.

Are the lessons live?

No. Lessons are designed to be self-paced and to fit into your schedule when you have time, so running these live sort of defeats the purpose.

Who is the teacher?

Sean Fioritto Hey there, I'm Sean, and I'm probably a lot like you. I make stuff for the web. I have a CS degree, but the last 8 years of my career have been a more potent teacher.

Recently, I wrote a book on web development called Sketching with CSS. I'm also an author in Smashing Magazine and I've written some cool open source projects.

Today, I'm an entrepreneur. In the not so distant past I did the usual 9-5 thing doing web development for a couple of big companies.

I'd love to meet you on Twitter.